Sunday, 13 May 2012

Who knew drunken sewing could go so well?

*Edited to return the tipsy photos!*

We've spent the weekend in Oxfordshire working hard! A very close friend needed some help with the DIY, and as her hubby is away on deployment, off we went armed with screwdriver and sewing machine. Unfortunately I didn't take my cutting mat, rotary cutter or rulers, which turned out to be a mistake.

I took the machine to hem a pair of trousers (the only job that didn't get done this weekend!) but then we went into the fabric section of Dunelm...

As the other major job was to move the baby into the nursery, furniture and all, it only seemed fair that the little lady got a little bit of decoration done too!

So, a couple of bottles of wine, lots of cuddles with her little brother and the BGT final later, we had five cushions and a set of bunting! We did finish it off this morning I will admit.

She likes them "This!" much!

Handsewn by her Mummy from a cushion she's had since *she* was a toddler - it was wonky before she started, honest.

We liked the selvedge, so included it in this cushion

Outtake - Madam refused to look at the camera!


  1. Looks like you had a crazy fun day! Love the pillows =D

  2. Are the photo's drunk as well!!? ;-)

  3. Goodness knows, they just disappeared!

  4. They all look fab! I would give drunken sewing a try, but I would probably loose a digit ;-)


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