Tuesday, 15 May 2012

A Fabric Buying Booboo

When in Norfolk the other week, I saw a gorgeous fabric shop, and through the window I could see a huge bolt of this:

Photo from Fat Quarter Shop

As it was a Bank Holiday, the shop was shut. My lovely MIL offered to go pick some up for me as she was staying in the area for a few more days.

Now here's the point where I made a stupid mistake. I thought it would look good for the backing of H's quilt, so I looked up the size required in the pattern, made an adding mistake and asked for 5 yards, without even thinking about what that would actually look like. (I was only 1/2 yard out) I didn't thinking about price either - it came in at over £60!!!!

Now, I'm not blaming the shop or my MIL, but that's not cheap and I don't know whether I should use it as the backing, sell it or save and use it sparingly? Ideas gratefully received!

PS - this post title reminds me of my favourite joke: Why did God only make one Yogi Bear? Because when He tried to make another, He made a Boo-Boo.


  1. If you use it as the backing will you be able to look at it without feeling bad about the cost? If you can then go ahead, but if not maybe the sell it/save it option might work out better, although you will probably need to have something made with it to show your MIL!

    On the plus side, you won't be short of fabric for a while :)

  2. I think you should try selling it. Maybe that way you can get some of the money back for it. If that's too much hassle maybe try swapping it? That way you can get some different fabrics for the same cost? =D

  3. ouch! I would use it, it's unlikely you'd get the money back although you could try swaps. I'd chalk it up to experience and just go with it! Then find a cheaper shop ;)

  4. Bummer! I agree with Lucy :)

  5. you have to use it... if on the quilt, then think of it as double sided... NOT as having a front and a back xx


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