Monday, 26 November 2012

Amazing Swap Goodies

Well, I seriously hit the jackpot in the Scrappy swap which is just finishing up!

I got an amazing package from Leanne at She Can Quilt, I'd seen the photos of these in the group pool and was really happy when they landed on my doorstep. I love everything that I received, Leanne did a great job of figuring out my taste!

I got a fab triple zipper pouch:

Fab Scrappy Swap bits
Fab Scrappy Swap bits
Love that butterfly!

Lots of GORGEOUS scraps to play with

Fab Scrappy Swap bits

And a very picturesque calendar of Canadian landscapes.

Fab Scrappy Swap bits
Not bad for my first swap!

Thank you so much Leanne :D

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Stash with a purpose!

I'm not a fan of buying fabric without a specific purpose, it makes me feel a bit uncomfortable and extravagant - do you agree?

All of the fabric which I bought this weekend after the Raystitch class has a project which it's intended for, and this made me feel less guilty about my purchases. That, and the 15% discount for having gone to a class :D

I bought lots of lovely soft fabrics to make scarves for Christmas presents for the ladies of the family - each print has got a solid to match, except for the Field Study Co-ordinates, which Annie is helping me match (thank you Nathalie!)

Loot from Raystitch

I also bought some cute Echino to make a key holder (which I've seen someone make, but can't remember for the life of me who!) to help solve the frequent "Where have you put my keys!" 'debate' (!) every morning:

I also bought some Melody Miller to make a scarf for my sister in law, tape ribbon for my bestie's apron and a mini charm pack of Marmalade that just jumped into my basket... (I do have a plan for these, honest!)

Loot from Raystitch

 I have no excuse for not getting on with things now!

Monday, 19 November 2012

A SnowGlobe for Christmas

Thank Goodness, my class with Aneela Hoey on Saturday ticked off loads of things from the huuuge to do list!

Autographed Little Stitches!

I felt so terrible as I managed to run quite late - I had to go home because I was convinced that I'd left the hob on (I hadn't), and as a result, missed two buses and then the train by one minute! Thankfully, I wasn't too late, and arrived to find the lovely ladies hadn't yet started. Aneela commented that it felt like we'd known each other for ages, and it was great to see at least one smiling face that I recognised.

Embroidery from Little Stitches with Sew Stitchy sashing

We were very productive during the session, despite me getting distracted by chatting, eating chocolate brownies and drinking all of their Apple and Rhubarb juice, and I managed to complete my embroidery (there's a photo on Aneela's blog of my nearly finished hoop - is it geeky that I'm quite excited by that??)

Embroidery from Little Stitches with Sew Stitchy sashing
(Please excuse the rubbish in the background of this photo!)

When I got home, I used some squares of Sew Stitchy to frame the embroidery. I was being lazy and didn't want to cut too much, so I left the embroidery at 9 1/2"sq - this feels a little big though.... We were discussing the art of knowing when to stop, but I'm not yet adept at this - do you think that it needs a bit more detailing to balance it out?

This will hopefully be going to a Gran (as in, one of our three Grans, not a random one!)

Oh, and to prove that I am making progress with the other items.............

HST BOF Ornament Block

I've done some more of my HST BOF blocks!
(and by some I mean "made the HSTs and trimmed them for one of the other five blocks which I need to make"......)

Friday, 16 November 2012

Sinking under!

Another week, another update! I'm sure that some of the tips on the Plum and June Blog Hop were:
a) Don't complain about how busy you are (well - tough, I'm going to!)
and b) Try to blog at regular intervals. Hopefully once a week counts as regular!

I did manage to finish one thing this week, my swap item in the Scrappy Swap. I was slightly intimidated by the talent of my partner so I sewed very, very carefully and am really quite pleased with the final results:

Scrappy Swap Boxed Pouch

Scrappy Swap Boxed Pouch

I also found quite a funky local item which I hope she'll like.

This is however the only bit of sewing which I've managed this week, due to work and family stress. As a result, the to-do list is no shorter but the big day is getting closer!

Here is the to-do list, so I can remember what I need to work on:
  1. Commission cushions - I'm in the process of sorting the applique letters now, just got to bite the bullet and cut into that Essex Linen......
  2. Christmas presents - I'm thinking Infinity Scarves for every female member of the family, maybe some pouches for the boys if I can find appropriate fabric. The only person whose present I have put absolutely zero thought into so far is Hubs!!
  3. HST BOF Christmas table runners (using Blossom Heart Quilts' tutorials) for our mums. One block finished so far (in September!), five to go.

2012-09-10 20.33.02 

     4.Two Kindle covers for friends (including one made in a skeleton print!) 
     5. Something to take to the next LMQG meeting for show and tell, rather than being lame and just  taking my Kindle cover!
     6. This is a good one - go to my class with Aneela Hoey tomorrow! :D
Hmmm, that list is supposed to be much, much longer, but I can't remember what else should go on. Sort of defeats the purpose of the list!

T - 34 days until we head up North, best get a move on!!  (Can someone get me out of  Parent's Eve and VI form Open Eve so I can sew more?)

PS - someone remind me next year not to watch Children in Need, can't handle the emotion!
PPS - Is it wrong to find Tom Daley so attractive???
PPPS - The Doctor Who Christmas trailer looks so amazing - the only reason why I want Christmas here   NOW!

Friday, 9 November 2012

Catching up...

.. on things what I have been up to....

Getting inspiration (and playing with the new camera!) at the stunning Fountains Abbey near Ripon...

... there must be an EPP project a la the Travelling PicStitch Blog Hop, I just haven't got the fabric for it yet.

Speaking of fabric, I stocked up at the Pink Castle moving sale:

Field Study (to go with the Washi dress pattern that I might have bought....) and a Blogger's bundle that slipped it's way into my shopping basket.

Lynne's Low Volume - Blogger Bundle by Lynne from Lily's Quilts
Photo borrowed from here as my photography skills aren't up to low volume!

I delivered this hefty thing to H - who  cried and cried and cried, so no photos I'm afraid....

H's quilt all rolled up

... however I have got a sneaky peek of this, made for my (amazingly talented) partner in the Scrappy Swap

The beginning of a zipped pouch - hope you like it partner!

I'm also being brave and going to the LMQG meeting on Sunday (eek!)