Saturday, 1 February 2014

Progress on the WIP list in January

January has proved to be a more productive month than expected - it's amazing how much more you can do when Bedtime suddenly jumps forward 2 hours!

The paper pieced Lonestar blocks are now all finished bar one (ignoring the fix required on the orange block after I stuck my finger through the one place where the seam allowance was too small....)

I've also nearly finished the Seaside St Louis 16 patch quilt top, all this needs is an additional border of Kona Snow to bring it up to perfect snuggling size. I'm too uptight for a random quilt, and I'm trying to use my Dashwood Studios winnings wisely,  so I had to improvise the centre block to avoid an odd number of different blocks. There is more contrast on the middle block than appears here! I'm regretting not putting this on my WIP list,  as I think that it may well be finished before the end of the quarter.

Please ignore the horrific photos,  our camera is in Manchester and my mobile won't switch on :-(

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