Saturday, 25 May 2013


...the thing that's made me totally exhausted and unproductive and incredibly sleepy for the last 5 months!

Friends have suggested that we rethink the name "of no diagnostic value" though!

As we don't know the gender, and I can't buy lots of clothes, I've been fabric shopping instead. Got a bit of a woodland theme going on so far, and Fabric Rehab has now has very little woodland-themed fabric that I don't own already.

First buy was "Fox in the Woods", not sure of the maker but it's a nice heavy duty upholstery fabric, so I'm thinking of using it to cover some cushions for the big chair in what is currently the spare room (the "N" word is still a little scary!)

Then a bundle of different FQ:

Timeless Treasures Mini Hedgehogs; Woodland Pals Fawns; Twit Twoo Owl (maker unknown - only annoying thing about Fabric Rehab)

Timeless Treasures Mini Foxes; Woodland Pals Forest; Timber and Leaf - Tree Rings Gold

I've also bought the last half metre of Fox Hollow "A is for Apple" that Seamstar had in stock

(photo from because I can't find my camera)

And, in a very geeky moment, bought this from the Village Haberdashery in the sale:
  Flock, photo from

mainly because I found a little craft shop near home that runs occasional courses, including a lampshade making course. Who wouldn't want a bird covered lampshade in their room! (Hubs just shook his head at this one....)

Any other thoughts on how to use all of fabric this would be gratefully appreciated - baby seems to have borrowed all my creativity as well as all my energy!