Friday, 17 January 2014

WIP - an optimistic list!

After yesterday's post,  I thought I would share some of the plans....  I'm not linking up the bits that I have absolutely no hope of finishing, so this list is a lot shorter than the one  in my head!

Item 1 (and possibly 2): cushions for the new nieces/nephews
I can't start these until the wee ones are born - they'll be cousins,  not siblings - but the plan is to use the fabric I bought last week for their quilts,  and to make 4 x economy blocks (jumping on the bandwagon in a manageable way!

Item 2: Wall hanging
I made 4 of these lonestar blocks last year with my Simply Solids Stash Club fabric. I was aiming to make 12 blocks,  but let's face it,  that's not going to happen! I'm thinking about adding a red and navy pair to finish it off.

Item 3: crocheted blanket
This was originally started for the boy,  but he has a million and one blankets,  so it's going to my BFF's baby - we really are having a bit of a baby boom!

The WIP list is much,  much longer,  but I'm trying to be realistic! Linking up with Katy at The Littlest Thistle

NB - Sorry for the crappy IG screen shots - can't figure out how to get Flickr to work on the new tablet!

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Obstacles to creativity - or Embracing the Slow

The lovely Catherine at Knotted Cotton runs the Slow Bloggers linky once a month, and I try to link up when I can. This month's post has really got my brain going...

At the minute, I have one major obstacle to my creativity - his name begins with O and he's 14 weeks old! I love him to bits, and thought I was well prepared for motherhood - but nothing could prepare me for just how big the shift in my life would be. Yes, I worked full time (and damn hard) before he was born, but that was a stroll in the park compared to this full time job!  I was beginning to wonder if I'd ever sew or crochet or read ever again.

But if I think about it, he isn't actually an obstacle - if anything, I'm more creative than before. Yes, I've done very little sewing, but I've planned out a number of things to make him, and have really enjoyed thinking about what he, with his little emerging personality, will like. I've become so much more efficient with my time, and have used quick naps to prep for the next opportunity to be creative.

This feels like a very personal post, but I think it'll help me focus on making the most of this new creativity (even if it is just making up new verses of The Wheels On The Bus!) and help me enjoy the many hours spent staring at his little face. I guess he's the one "make"  that I'll never top!