Tuesday, 1 May 2012

April Showers and May Madness

I can't believe it's May already, I really don't know where the last few weeks have gone! I've not got as much done as I was hoping, especially as we had half term, but I have got quite a few smaller bits done:

(PS - how cool are mosaics???)
Including some blocks for my nephew and for Siblings Together, a porridge-holder out of the reject ST blocks and a present for a little girl who's about to become a big sister

I also made a blanket for her soon to arrive little brother:

And a handbag for a wedding this weekend is nearly complete, unlike their present unfortunately...

(I'm wearing this dress so I'll be covered in raindrops!)

Hubby's quilt is very, very, very nearly finished, I've just got an inch or five of binding left to handsew on the back, which hopefully I've craftily hidden on the back!

I love the binding (I think it was Alexander Henry?) I cut it badly at first, so I had to add in a small strip of the cream from the sashing to make it stretch. The mitred corners are my fav part!

All in all, not bad considering the trips, coursework, ridiculous amounts of work, Scout events and potential bad news health-wise that we've coped with this month.

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  1. Great projects this month!

  2. Great work! I adore the handbag, it will look so great with that pretty dress :)
    p.s. can you please turn off your word verification ;)

  3. Looks like a lot of great projects you worked on last month!

  4. Your quilt is looking good and the handbag is lovely. Hope the wedding weather doesn't match!

    I agree mosaics are fun!

  5. great dress and super projects done - well done!

  6. Great projects there and the dress is so cute! =D

  7. Wow - you've been quite busy this month! Great mosiac! I love your little raindrop handbag - so cute!

  8. Fab Mosaic! Hoe cute is that wedding handbag :)

  9. So do you have a trick or tutorial that you used for the corners? Mine never come out very well and I'm on the look out for a way to make them better.


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