Saturday, 19 May 2012

Bits and Bobs

Thank you for the help with the fabric dilemma - I learnt a lesson on that one! I've decided to keep the fabric, use some in the quilt it was bought for, and keep some for swaps / other precious makes. My nephew is going to end up with a room full of the bloody stuff!

I've had a stressful week with exams and a wisdom tooth making itself known, so I cheered myself up with a potter round the garden this morning. It's been a very wet few weeks which has been a bit miserable in some ways (and a bit annoying in others - you'd think southern kids had never seen a bit of rain with the way that they reacted to a storm on Tuesday!), but obviously it's done my garden some good. Silver lining and all that.

Alliums and yellow poppies making for some lovely colour, and chives and mint growing like mad!

The clematis doing a good job of covering the bare space where we chopped down a tree.

(Please ignore the Dalek compost bin, and the bird bath full of red muck due to next door's builders!)

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