Tuesday, 31 December 2013

My Two Main Creations of 2013

The baby and the quilt!

I wasn't terribly prolific in terms of the quantity of makes in the last year, but seeing as the boy  wasn't even a collection of cells on NYE 2012, I'm not too worried.

The Aim for 2014 : learn how to juggle life with a baby and my crafty life. Happy New Year!

Monday, 16 December 2013

Planning, planning, planning

As you might have seen on IG, I recently won a huge bundle  of Flurry from Dashwood Studios and Lynne at Lily's Quilts!

Since it arrived in the post last week, I've been plotting how to use the 14 yards that came in the box (which was so heavy that Hubs wouldn't let me carry it, as I'm still healing)


A scribbled list of ideas

The first quilt on the to-do list is a present for my in laws for the house in Cornwall. As there's a bit of a seaside /nautical theme going on, I picked out these fabrics for a St Louis 16 patch quilt. I'm planning on using one fabric per block, paired with a neutral solid. 

The next two ideas are a bit more long term as I can't get started for a few months. Last year I made quilts for my niece and nephew (they're cousins, not siblings) for their first birthdays, and we've just found out that they are both expecting a new brother or sister. So these are the two possible colour schemes for a Giant Star Quilt, inspired by this. The girly option has 7 fabrics included, and the plan is to add another pink, perhaps one of the very sweet prints by Aneela Hoey. The boy option has 8 fabrics picked out at the moment, but I'm thinking of replacing one with another print. Can't wait to find out the gender to get a start on these! 

Now, all these plans are reliant on the boy continuing to nap without being held  - current record is an hour. Photos are IG/unedited for the same reason!