Friday, 6 June 2014

The first item for my new sewing room wall: Starburst

As mentioned before, we're in the midst of moving home. What I may not have told you is that I'm going to have half the spare room / loft conversion as my very own sewing room!

Job number one (in my head anyway....) is hanging some mini quilts, and this little one will be the first up on that wall.  

I started this in January 2013, and finished it right at the end of Q1, although the phone photos I took were rubbish, hence why I'm sharing again. The pattern is Six White Horse's Lone Starburst paper pieced, and the fabric a mix of my Simply Solids Stash Crew, and various scraps and bits from swaps.

I hand quilted and machine quilted this for the texture  although this means that it sits quite proud. Nothing that a few drawing pins won't fix!

Monday, 2 June 2014

Baby baby!

Two quick finishes, both from my FAL list:

Baby blanket number 1:

(please ignore the toes!)

My first crochet finish, worked on at FQR last year, and ripped out four weeks ago when I realised that I had forgotten to chain on at the end of each row - rooky mistake!

Baby blanket number 2:

This is made of three cuts from Sherbet Pips, backed with minky and with applique in Flurry from my winnings from Lily's Quilts. This had to be done twice, as I stupidly stuck the seam ripper through the first time.

One has been hand delivered, one by post - which is probably a good thing, as I don't think my broodiness could take two tiny babies in one week! (and that's from a woman who's vowed to have no more.....)