Saturday, 12 April 2014

The Honest List

Part of the power of the FAL ably hosted by Katy at The Littlest Thistle is the accountability - at the end of the quarter, I'll have to fess up to what I've finished (or not!) Last time I was quietly cautious with list - this time I'm linking up everything that's eligible.

I wrote this list a few nights ago, when the boy was asleep and I was staring at the ceiling (first time ever!) but some of these projects are still in my head. Here's the list of WIPs that are at least at the fabric / pattern chosen stage.

1. Cushion for my new nephew - fabrics picked, this will be another Economy Block cushion
2. Crochet blanket - carried over from Q1
3. St Louis 16 patch - I finished this top during Q1, and have the fabric picked out for the backing and binding
4. Giant Star Quilt - 4 of these are needed at some point, and I've had the fabric for ages, so hopefully there'll be some progress during Q2
5. Blanket for baby H - I'm going to use the yellow chevron fabric that I bought last year for a swap but couldn't use - maybe with a minky backing?
6. Quilt for the little man - every else is getting one! I've got lots of novelty prints and I'm planning to use the Picture Box pattern from SewFairyFace
7. Apron for Dad - needed for his Father's Day present, he wants a butcher's style apron, I'm going to use a Martha Stewart pattern
8. Hub's tshirt quilt - I found this buried in the WIP pile,  half pieced - I'm quite tempted to unsew some of it
9. My sampler Cuzco quilt - I made 3 blocks last year and would love to finish
10. Liberty DWR EPP quilt - made from fabric inherited from Hub's grandma, I've got the EPP papers ready. I think this might be my new car project when the crochet is finished
11. Scout camp blanket - a never ending project in reality, but it'd be nice to get it up to date with the pile of badges from the last few years sewn on

Amongst all this, we're in the process of selling our house - but I'm also going back to work in September, so this is probably my best chance of a very productive quarter!

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Sneaking in at the last minute - a Q1 finish

Last minute finish here - teething, a horrible cold and moving the boy to his own room has halted the productivity recently. I'll come back later with better photos and more detail, but here's the overview:

Paper piecing template - Six White Horses

Fabric - various Kona solids from the Simply Solids Stash Crew,  Kona Bone and a range of different charm squares from swaps. (Plus premade binding, because sometimes you have to cheat)

Quilting - a mix of straight line quilting to echo the stars and a bit of hand quilting in the white stripe of the stars.

This is finish number 2 of a possible 4 - although I'm not really counting one of the cushions as it's owner has only just made his entrance into the world, so it's not too bad!