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My name is Sarah or Sarah-Lou, Sarah Louise if I'm in trouble, and Little Sarah quite often as there are lots of Sarahs around and I'm 5" nothing. My Dad calls me Weezy because I used to have trouble saying Louise - but he's the only one allowed to call me that. My friend's little girl calls me Auntie Sardah, which is just the cutest thing ever :)
I'm in my mid 20s and live in North London with the lovely Hubs, who doesn't quite understand why I *need* to take over more of the house with the growing fabric stash. I'm a teacher which means that I don't have lots of time for sewing during term time, but the holidays are more productive.
I've been sewing since June 2011, I started when I found out that my lovely cousins were both pregnant, and my friend suggested making them cushion covers. I then started working on my first quilt just after Christmas 2011, and Hubs bought my lovely Janome for my birthday the following March, and off I went!


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  1. Hi Sarah! I love seeing the items you've made. What kind of Janome do you use? I still sew on a basic (I'm talking <$100) machine (two of them actually) and I want to purchase a "real" machine badly but I want to get one with everything. I was looking at the Janome Horizon 7700 or the Pfaff Quilt Expression 4.2


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