Sunday, 9 December 2012

Presents, presents, presents

Well, it's T-11 days til we leave for my parentals for a pre-Christmas wedding, and the madness has really begun. We've had Christmas meals, mince pie and mulled wine parties and last Scouts before Christmas, we've still got carol concerts, pantos, more Christmas meals and a full time job to keep us busy up until we leave!

The big weekend job has been getting on with some presents, using lots of really great tutorials - there's still time to use them if you need! The most useful were these three: Kindle CoverBoxed Pouch and Apron

Here's the pics:

One of my best friends loves fantasy novels, and has just got a Kindle so I made her a quick cover with some Michael Miller fabric that I know she'll love.

Kindle Cover

Kindle Cover

I always find it strange making stuff to other peoples' taste, but I think it'll suit her :D

Next up is an apron for D who is an amazing baker (she does the best Coca Cola Cupcakes!)


Melody Miller Apron

Sorry about the rubbishy photos, they're all wrapped now so I can't retake them!

I've also made some boxed pouches, one pencil case size for a colleague (who is lovely, hence why I cut into my viewfinders for her!) and another big enough to use as a make up bag for a friend. I love this tutorial, it's so easy!




I've also finished the cushions for my friend, so they'll be in the post tomorrow.


I've enjoyed making these, and I'm fairly sure that she'll be pleased with them, but I don't think I'll take on another commission - too much stress!

Still got lots to finish, including two Christmas table runners which CAN'T be late - wish me luck!


  1. oooooo lovely lovely presents you have made. I too have a runner that I must get finished x

  2. gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I adore that apron!

  3. Lov eth ekindle cover and thanks for the link to the tut. I have one on my 100 Day Hustle list and THINK I can squeeze one in before the bell strikes 12 on the 31st!!!!

  4. Very cool - I want that apron ;-)

  5. Lovely, lovely Christmas gifts. I think the recipients will be over the moon with their gifts.

  6. I love your Kindle cover I would be thrilled to find that in my stocking on Christmas morning!


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