Monday, 17 December 2012

Burning the midnight machine-oil

I didn't update on Saturday as I had absolutely zilch to say - the machine was not touched in a whole week, as the pre-Christmas school madness  kicked into gear.

Since Saturday morning, the machine has whizzed and whizzed and whizzed. I gave my first handmade gift today which went down really well, hope these will be as successful!


Cushion for Gran, using Cath Kidston fabric from IKEA - thanks to Lucy for the zip help!


Front of Gran's cushion, from my Aneela Hoey class.

One of the many scarves - unfortunately this was the only one which managed to be circular, the rest were too short, booo.


Next, a table runner for one Mum (spot the farrrrr too puffy wadding, that made quilting a nightmare! Had to do the inside-out-envelope jobby rather than binding it due to this too)



It looks like it should be on the end of a bed!

Here's the other table runner - the observant of you may notice that it actually looks more like two table mats....



I was intending to use the HST BOF from Blossom Heart Quilts, but I really ran out of time and energy so went with the stars instead - fewer seams to deal with!

Right, back to hiding in my ostrich hole until Thursday, when the great Xmas migration begins!

PS - How cool is this little dude who arrived in one of my cards?!?


  1. Isn't it lovely when a handmade gift is appreciated? Your cushion is lovely and I can sympathise with your problems with the puffy wadding, it is a nightmare to work with!

  2. Your cushion looks awesome and I adore that stitching! Table runners look fab too :) and the scarf is so pretty!


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