Monday, 31 December 2012

2012 in review

I wasn't sure that I'd achieved much in 2012, but then I looked back at my post from this time last year, and realised that actually, I've done more than I thought!

A year ago, I was working on hand sewing some ornaments, and I wrote out some resolutions for the year:

1. Stop procrastinating and get the machine fixed!
Done, if you count making Hubs buy me a machine for my birthday....

2. Make something for myself, as everything I've made so far has been given away. I'm thinking about making a case for my kindle like this.

I made two skirts, a kindle cover, two bags and a mini-quilt for moi

3. Make something for Hubby for our second wedding anniversary in April - hopefully a version of the Dead Simple QAL from

Ta Dah!


4. Have another go at a cushion and get the backing right this time! Thanks for the helpful suggestions last time to fix the bodge I made of my hexie panel cushion, the velcro did work.

Went a bit cushion crazy....

5. Get nice camera so I can take decent pictures of my triumphs and disasters rather than using my phone!
Done - hopefully you can see some difference!

I've been a bit busy with other projects too:

1. Dusky Pink Kona Geranium Dress, Size 12-18 months with extra embroidery, 2. IMG_0218, 3. IMG_0191, 4. Untitled, 5. Scrappy Swap Boxed Pouch, 6. H's finished quilt, 7. Tortoise tidy, 8. Lizzy House fabric basket, 9. Zoo Windows in the window!, 10. Zoo Windows back, 11. peassss, 12. Isla, 13. amy4, 14. 3 in 1 infinity scarf, 15. Kindle Cover, 16. IMG_0199

Bring on 2013, I wonder what I'll be able to do this time next year?

PS - sorry if I've been quiet recently, work and Christmas have taken over my life!


  1. It's nice to look back and see all one's accomplished. :) happy new years!

  2. Well done! You accomplished a lot! Nice work on beating all your quilty goals too!

  3. Happy New Year!! Congrats on a very productive 2012 and I hope 2013 is just as squishy!!

  4. All the best for the new year! Your projects are all lovely and you achieved your goals too. I especially love my pouch, thank you again!

  5. Happy New Year - you had a good one :)

  6. What'd you do with your Joy charming stars? Potholders? Minis?

  7. Happy New Year, you certainly exceeded those goals! Hope you have just as productive a 2013.

  8. Great to look back and see what you have achieved:) I like your makes, especially the quilt you made for your second wedding anniversary.

  9. Great looking back post! And all the best for this year!

  10. Wow, you made loads of wonderful things in 2012 - can't wait to see what you do in 2013!

  11. Happy New Year! Here's to an equally productive 2013:-)


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