Monday, 22 October 2012

Quilting Question

H's birthday quilt is nearly done, which is good timing as his first birthday is only days away now. It's looking really good if I do say so myself - certainly the best quilt I've done so far, and the biggest!

Embroidery for H's quilt
I've embroidered a big "H" on one corner, as A had her whole name on her quilt and it would be rude not to do something similar on this one.

Lots of scrappy binding
Lots of scrappy binding! Hoping I'd added it up properly, it was hard to figure out due to the number of different scrappy bits which I used.

Quilting H's Quilt
The quilting has started quite well, I'm using a tutorial from Bijou Lovely on the suggestion of Kelly. I've decided to cross over my wavy lines, but apart from that I've followed the tutorial closely.

After one line of quilting:
Beginning to quilt
After two :
Quilting wavy lines
This is where I'm up to so far, and I'm not sure what to do yet - keep adding overlapping rows in the sashing? Add some more non-crossing lines in the blocks? So far I've only done horizontal lines in the sashing, but maybe a few vertical ones would look good too?



  1. Do lots of them, they give it such a nice drape when it's finished. It is going to look glorious!

  2. I agree with Kelly! I'm excited to see it finished

  3. Think your idea of vertical lines would work, I would go with that too.


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