Sunday, 28 October 2012

Blogger's Quilt Festival

I've watched the last two Blogger's Quilt Festival with enjoyment, looking at all the beautiful quilts created by so many talented bloggers.

This time round, I thought that I'd enter, as I've just finished my nephew's quilt. According to this post, I started it in early April, so it's taken quite a while!

H's finished quilt

It's based on the Small Plates quilt in the Practical Guide to Patchwork, and was quite easy to put together, but time consuming because I was measuring, cutting and piecing really slowly.

The solids are all Klona cottons from Backstitch, (Royal, Turquoise, Copen, Jade, Holly, Lime and Orange) and the white is Klona Cream (Eclectic Maker had a sale....) The prints are from a random selection of places, but were inspired by the tortoises (Urban Zoologie) which came from a scrap pack from Fabric Rehab. I love the mix of cars, animals, numbers, robots etc - H's mum works with disabled children and I know that she'll love playing games with him, spotting and matching up all the different groups.

The backing is from Ten Little Things, and was the result of a fabric buying disaster  - for the record, I did need all of it!!

It was quilted by me using the tutorial on wavy line quilting by Bijou Lovely, with lots of overlapping wiggly lines. There's one line in each vertical row of sashing, and the horizontal rows have got (from top to bottom) 6-5-4-3-2-3-4-5-6 lines. Hubs thinks that my OCD tendencies are getting worse, but I think that it feels lovely! Also, it's yet another educational opportunity :D

This was really quite easy to quilt, despite the fact that it's the biggest quilt that I've made at 68 x 85"(first two were approx 30" sq, third was 52x68".) I can't quite believe my Pink Chalk fabric card tells me that this is only twin size - how do people quilt things bigger than this?!

It also features a little bit of hand embroidery.


(Please ignore the wonkiness of that binding!)

The binding is made up of long scraps of the solids which I used in the main body, and was attached by machine to the back then the front. You can see this quite well in the photo above - there are three different colours of binding around the bottom two blocks.

Lots of scrappy binding

It won't fit very well in our washing machine and we don't have a tumble drier, so it'll go in at my Mum's next week, I'm hoping that it'll crinkle up nicely (and hide those little imperfections where I got a bit trigger-footed with the quilting!)

H's quilt all rolled up

I'm really looking forward to giving this to his Mum, I've been sending her occasional sneaky photos via Whatsapp, and I know that she's told my mum that she can't wait to see it. Hope it lives up to expectations!

The only thing that is still missing from this quilt is a name - any ideas gratefully accepted!

  • Quilt Measurements - 68 x 85"
  • Special Techniques used, if any - wavy line quilting
  • Quilted by… - me and my little Janome
  • Best category - Favourite bed quilt, Favourite home machine quilted quilt
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  1. Looks great - I'm sure it will be well loved.

  2. Very fun quilt, your nephew will love it. I'm not very good at naming my quilts, so take any suggestion with a very large grain of salt. Since you talked about his mum playing matching games with him using the quilt, maybe something like, "Match Me", or "What Goes with a Turtle?"

  3. I really love your quilting! Might have to borrow that design some time. The whole quilt is really fun. I'm sure it will be well loved.

  4. Very cute! I'm sure he's going to love it! Making quilts for nephews is great fun.

    How about "Toy Boxes" or "Matchbox Collection" since little boys love to collect things...?

  5. This is such a fun quilt! I especially like the wavy quilting lines and the little embroidery. :)

  6. Wow what a fun quilt! I love all the prints and the little details. The quilting pattern is so cool, I really need to tackle large scale quilting!

  7. Such a great bright fun quilt!! I love your quilting on it - it's fantastic!

  8. it's fab and the quilting rocks!

  9. It is fabulous and the quilting is brilliant, I have no suggetsions for names though ;-)

  10. It has turned out beautifully, you must be delighted with it. As I am sure the recipient (and mum) will be too! Box of Tricks for the name?

  11. I'm sure H and his mam will be thrilled by it!


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