Thursday, 11 October 2012

Finally a Finish...

3 in 1 infinity scarf
... nearly in time for Friday!

If you see me on Saturday at the Knit and Stitch show at Ally Pally, I'll be wearing my new scarf, made using the pattern from Rebecca at

3 in 1 infinity Scarf I used some gorgeous fabric from M is Make (in the sale of course!) - it's Autumn Trees, a Navy Voile and some amazingly lushious Nano Iro - honestly, it feels so soft! I wish I could afford to make myself a dress in this....

So if you see someone in a patchy-soft-slightly clashy but cuddly scarf - come say hi!

Ohhh - I also got a ticket for the Retreat! I was at my brother in laws wedding, hence the total lack of sewing/blogging/contact with the outer world, but my lovely mum bought it for me!


  1. well done mum for getting the ticket xx... we come in usefull now and then x

  2. I love it!!! How awesome - I adore these fabrics. Whew hew! So glad you told me to visit and come see... Rebecca

  3. Oh it looks lovely, well done on a finish and scoring a ticket for the retreat!

  4. So envious of you going to AP for Knit & Stitch Show - this will be the 2nd year I've missed it now I'm not in England. Have lots of fun and tell us all about it :)

  5. Beautiful scarf! That is lovely that your mum got you a ticket :)


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