Sunday, 8 July 2012

Planning more cushions...

Thank you to everyone who visited on Thursday, it was lovely to get so many comments!
Cushions seem to be my go-to present this year, I think I've already made 6 for birthday, new baby and Christmas presents, and I've got two more ready to make.

Number one is for a friend's birthday. Her house is really brightly furnished with lots of lovely accessories, including some very funky cushions, so when I saw this fabric I thought it was very apt for her birthday.

I was thinking about using a zip closure rather than an envelope back, so as not to waste too much of this gorgeous fabric. Does anyone know of a good tutorial?

The second (and possibly third?) cushion is for my brother in law and his soon-to-be wife as a wedding present. My nearly s-i-l is from quite a creative family, and they made a quilt for her sister's wedding last year, but I can't see my brother in law wanting a whole quilt! I decided instead to make them a cushion, and THEN I saw this fabric:

I'm not sure entirely what to do, I'm thinking about making a pair of cushions, using these solids which match quite well:

 So, should I add borders? Keep the fronts plain and just use the solids on the back? I think I want to keep the pattern fairly visible. Questions, questions! Any thoughts or opinions would be gratefully received.

PS - wasn't supposed to be buying more fabric - oops!

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  1. Great fabrics! Go with plain and then solid on the back! You really want to show off that fabric.
    Oh dear more fabric..I won't tell if you don't =D


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