Monday, 23 July 2012

Kitchen Windows Progress

The Kitchen Windows quilt for my niece's 1st birthday is making some progress! All the blocks have been cut and partially pieced, I just need some spray starch before I finish the piecing as I've noticed that the print fabric has been stretching as I sew :(

The first (mostly) completed block:

Six of the twelve partially done blocks, on the pink that I'm using as the border fabric:

Here's two of the fabrics that I've bought for the backing, Meet the Gang Names in Rose and 1001 Peeps Towers in Purple (both from the Pink Chalk Fabric sale - such a bargain that shipping was more expensive than the fabric!) I think I might add in some purple solids to bulk out the back, I want the back to be less girly than the front so that she can swap and change as she gets older.

 How cute is it that the blush-y colour on the top of the skinny minaret perfectly matches the background of the names?

Proof that it does look something like the pattern! I might have to call it my "Zoo Windows" quilt - look at that cute giraffe :)

And a quick question if you've got this far - anyone in the UK have a recommendation for a good online shop selling wadding and spray starch? I can't remember where I bought my last bits of wadding from, or even what brand it was! Ta very muchly :-)

PS - I promise I will press the pink before I cut into it! I'll also try and find another camera that can pick up the differences between the greys and pinks, unlike mine!

PPS - sorry if I don't reply to comments straight away, I'll be off on my jollies in Denmark :) I promise to reply asap.


  1. Love your quilt, I have that 1001 Peeps fabric but haven't cut into it yet!

    Have bought wadding from Asding and the Cottonpatch, so can recommend both.

  2. Hi,

    I have bought fabric and wadding from this online shop, the fabric always arrives beautifully wrapped.

    Enjoy Denmark :)

    Georgia x

  3. Wadding I got on eBay actually

    and the starch you can actually make yourself which may work out cheaper


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