Thursday, 12 July 2012

I conquered a zippy pouch!

A zippy pouch went well - I'll tell you about that below. First, can I apologize for the total lack of comments this week? My phone tells me that I'm not logged into Google every time that i try :-( Please don't think I'm being rude! Secondly, my photos are now nice and large as suggested - any bigger and they won't fit on the page!

Ok, so the success story. The last zippy pouch I attempted didn't go very well, however, after a bit of encouragement from Susan and with help from the latest issue of Fat Quarterly, this attempt went much better!

Look at those neat corners! Look at the topstitching! (Couldn't do that last time, hadn't sewed the fabric on the right way round at the first step...)

This is a present for my lovely bridesmaid, she lives in Seoul now so her present needed to be small, light and easily transportable for when she heads back to South Korea following her latest flying visit. The fabric came in a scrap bag a long time ago, and was only a tiny scrap (18" by 11" approx), but I managed to get two little covered buttons from the final scraps to add in.

Hope she likes it!

PS - Rebecca from Sew Festive Handmade and Marti from 52 Quilts in 52 Weeks are today's Blog Hoppers - why not go and pay them a visit?

Plum and June


  1. Looks great! Very cute fabric.

  2. well done x I am sure that google hates us all at times xx

  3. Yay for conquering zippered pouches.
    Superb job xxxx

  4. Well done you, and especially well done for getting those lovely buttons out of your scrap too! You will be putting zips on everything now :)

  5. It's gorgeous - I love the fabric you used :)

  6. Looks great - love the fabric!

  7. Looks great! Well done trying it again =D

  8. That pouch is great - I am sure your bridesmaid will love it x

  9. Cute little pouch!! Love the fabric!

    Oh I have problems commenting from my phone too sometimes - it logs me out, or won't log me in and argh! So I feel your frustration!


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