Thursday, 28 June 2012


That's my current favourite non-swear word, for those moments when you need to say something really *expressive* but it's not appropriate to say anything stronger.

You know when you're working on a project, and all you get is mistakes and problems the whole way through? I'm working on (murdering??) one of these at the minute.

I loved this charm pack when I first bought it, in fact it might have been my first ever fabric purchase, as I can't find a photo of it, and this was the first quilt that I ever "planned" (read threw together) and started.

So far, I've had to unpick the entire quilt, bar one row, due to the totally wonky seam allowances - nothing lined up! That took me *hours*, although I got quite quick by the end. I've now resewn the whole top, bar a few sashing strips. I then stood back and took a good look at it... can you see what I noticed?

Hence - FUDGE!

If you can't see it - look at the top row.........................

I'm trying to decide whether I should bother redoing it all again, or whether I can accept it as a "learning moment" as we call it at school. This is purely for me to cuddle with, when the mercury drops again, as I'm sure it will. If nothing else, Sports Day is in two weeks and we all know what that means! 


  1. I've looked and looked and I can't see what the problem is! You will have to enlighten me with my own learning moment :)

  2. That really sucks when you go to all that effort and things don't match up the way you want them to! Just take a deep breath..throw the quilt to one side and the solution will come to you eventually =D

  3. Supposedly the Amish have a saying about how mistakes in quilts are okay because they keep us humble. Probably everything I've made so far has some kind of "mistake" - most of the time, you'll be the only one who will notice! :)

  4. Oh it's so frustrating when you think you've finished but realise one bit's not quite right. I have to say it took me ages (even after your hint) to see the blocks you were talking about. So I don't think it's that noticeable i.e. I reckon you can get away with it ;)

    Love this line of fabric and love that your layout showcases it so beautifully. Such a cute quilt!

  5. well I could live with it...and love it, BUT it you who has to do the living and loving xx SO ...your decision x

    1. Ooh, great advice! I'm a perfectionist, and learning to quilt has certainly been a challenge for my natural tendencies. And it comes down to this exactly - can I live with it or will it annoy me no end?! Personally, I'd have to change it, but that's just me!

  6. I could live with it! Probably because there is not a quilt I've made that hasn't had a oh fudge moment ;-)

  7. I hope you work out what to do - I'd be tempted to put it in a cupboard for a few days so it could think about what it had done and be ready to apologise when I let it out ;o)

  8. Ack, I do that kind of thing all the time. I know that for myself, I would rather redo it than have it bug me forever, but my husband thinks I am absolutely nuts for not letting stuff like that go (like when I rip out 3/4 of a sweater because I just saw where I goofed up). So, we all have to follow our own neuroses (or lack of)! It is lovely though :)


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