Saturday, 16 June 2012

Finished Kindle Cover

Well, it did rain quite a lot while we were in Cornwall, so I had time to finish my Kindle cover.

I used the pattern from Clover and Violet, and used some charm squares from Domestic Bliss to make the hexies (plus one little pink hexie on the back because I forgot to take enough fabric with me!) I used some HeatnBond on the back of the hexies to add a bit of stability, and quilted with straight(ish) diagonal lines.

Close up of the back - you can just see the little pink hexie at the bottom :)

The black elastic was a nightmare to find, I didn't take any to Cornwall with me, but we went into Plymouth for the day and found some in House of Fraser (with a lot of gorgeous fabric, couldn't browse though because my brother was moaning that he was hungry!) I used some cardboard to add strength to the pockets as I didn't have any plastic canvas (or know what it is!)

Proof that it didn't rain the whole time, as taken by my friend's three year old who was staying with us:

She finally learnt not to put her hands in front of the lens!

PS - please let me know what you think of the photos, I found my old digital camera, so used that instead of my phone camera, but it is quite an old digital - I think I got it in 2004 ish?


  1. your pictures are great... and the cover xx

  2. The pictures are a little on the dark side. Great kindle cover though! =D

  3. Neat kindle cover, at least you had something to show for all that rain! Plastic canvas is just what it sounds like, it is just like the material you would use for cross stitch, but is made of plastic and with larger holes. You should be able to get it wherever you find cross stitch supplies.

    I think my camera is probably about the same age as yours!


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