Wednesday, 13 June 2012

TRAC pillow

Danny at Mommyforreals put out a call for help last week, which I saw when I got back from Cornwall on Sunday (which was supercoolfun, more about that later.)

TRAC, an adventure camp for girls, has put out a request for pillowcases for presents - for more info, see her post here. After figuring out which type of pillowcase was needed (immediate thought was the British kind - what is the American word for that thing that you put your head on at night?), I came up with a plan...


Obviously, it's not yet complete but it is in progress and looking good (I think!) I'm not made chevrons before so it took a little patience to get everything in the right place.

I realised that I've not done any backstitching as I've gone along - any suggestions for how I can make this as sturdy as possible to stand up to the pillowfights!


  1. Maybe go over the seam lines in a smaller length stitch. Or attach it to some fabric/wadding and quilt it before attaching the back pieces =D

  2. Ha! It's a pillow and we put pillowcases on them. But what you call a cushion, we also call a pillow. Thank you so much! I'm loving this!!

  3. Oh! And I've gotten a few with batting to stabilize them and a few others with stabilizer. Both are great because it's one more layer of strength for those pillow fights!


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