Sunday, 4 March 2012

A Quiet Weekend

I'm very glad we went out for a walk in the Lea Valley yesterday

Borrowed from Wikipedia (we need a new camera!) but it's a fairly accurate depiction of what it looked like yesterday!

rather than today!

It's been a nice quiet weekend here. Hubs has been clearing the spare room (aka bombsite) of the boxes than seem to have laid untouched since they were packed when we left uni! It's my birthday next week and there's a nicer box containing my birthday present waiting to be unpacked, which needs a bit of space...

I've been trying to get some marking done so no school work is necessary next weekend, and I've been working on the hand pieced quilt too. Some of the points are not very accurate, but I can't seem to get them to match - can't think why though.

Please ignore the mess! And that is a new cutting board which is a present of my in laws  I'm not using it ahead of time I promise - it's just too big and waiting for it's space in the spare room to be clear!

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  1. when the weather is like that... its best to stay in !! Have a great birthday next week xx


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