Sunday, 11 March 2012

Part Deux

I got a new machine! My lovely Hubs got annoyed with me for stressing over the broken machine - it was lovely to look at but expensive to repair and quite clunky to use. I'm keeping the old one and watching Ebay for cheap replacement parts, but now I've got......

Jenny the Janome! I know naming inanimate objects can be a bit weird, but the name popped into my head.

So far, she's been making a cushion cover for my lovely Mum, who very nearly shares her birthday with me. She's a twin too, so doesn't often get much glory for herself, but hopefully she'll like her cushion. It's quite similar to one that I made for a friend recently which she said that she liked.

In progress - can you see the bits where I ran out of fabric that was long enough? I tried to match the patches up with the corners of the middle blocks so hopefully it doesn't look too odd.

The finished cushion - no quilting on this one as it was a bit tight even without wadding etc.

Also made this weekend, a present for a uni friend and her newborn girl:

And the cakes have been iced ready for after tea tomorrow (fajitas - I cook so I get to have my favourite meal on my birthday!)

Notice that this is a different angle from that shown yesterday...not that the kitchen is covered in mess.......

These are Beetroot Brownies and Nigella's Chocolate Guinness Cake - I messed up the quantity of chocolate in the brownies so had to add chocolate icing to counteract some of the beetroot taste. I love beetroot but Hubs isn't a fan. It is a vegetable so I shouldn't really be suprised!

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