Saturday, 17 March 2012

Pattern or No Pattern?

Thanks Moira and Kelly for the fabric suggestions for Hubby's quilt - I've gone with these:

from The Eternal Maker in consultation with Hubs.

I've made some more progress on the quilt (one row left!) and have been playing with my machine too. We had a little falling out earlier (thread had somehow come undone from the thread taker up lever - identified and solved by the "superhero technician" as he's now calling himself!) but I think I'm getting more proficient.

I've made one "thing" using a pattern, and one without - both worked quite well.

My new needlebook was made without a pattern as I couldn't find any that I liked so I bodged it. I used two charm squares, backed with felt, and joined as I thought best - the second time anyway!

You can probably see the dodgy seams here! The popper took two attempts as they went on back to front the first time :blushes:

I'm more pleased with the outside, and glad that I found a use for one of my Gran's buttons:

It's been very useful in helping with the hand piecing, especially as it involves a lot of pins which I have been attacking myself with.

This is the tutorial I followed for my second "thing", and Ayumi's instructions were really easy to follow - as long as you don't skip steps! The organiser is now on my bedside table ready to hold my glasses and mobile overnight so that I've got a greater chance to switch off my alarm without throwing both these items across the room.

"Yes, those are a pair of Minnie Mouse ears on a headband... No, I don't have any children..."

I liked experimenting and working the needlebook out for myself, but on reflection, I need to follow a few more tutorials and build my skills before I go too mental.

Note to self - it's all well and good being able to use the quilter's guide - but if the first line's not straight........

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  1. good ground work always pays off in the end xx


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