Friday, 23 March 2012

Fruit Salad

I decided to join in the fun and have a go at I'm a ginger monkey's blogger's choice competition, here's my entry

It reminded me of the Fruit Salad sweets that I had as a kid - the fruity version of BlackJacks (yuck!) 

1. Blockprint Blossom in Fuchsia Heirloom
2. Dot in gray and cream Ruby
3. Metro Living Circles in Fuchsia
4. Timeless Treasures Basics Dots
5. Hello Pilgrim Pearl Bracelet
6. Time for Tea Floral in Aqua
7. Hello Pilgrim Jewels in Purple
8. Flourish In Garnet Heirloom
9. Big Dot Orange
10. Rounabout Dots in Orange Fizz
11. Seeds in Grey Fruit Slice
12. Circle Stripes in Cloud Walk Grey


  1. OOH! I used to love fruit salad.... I saw some black jacks a couple of months ago...didnt taste the same... most probably NOT got all the e-numbers and rubish that used to be in them!!!

  2. Mmmmmm black jacks and fruit salads together :). Cool fabric picks!

  3. I really hate liquorice so black jacks were never in my quarter of sweets on a Saturday!


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