Saturday, 31 December 2011

Fabric Woes

I just can't seem to pick fabric, it's so much more difficult than I thought!

As I mentioned, I want to make a small quilt for Hubby for our anniversary. We're having the living room decorated and it's beginning to look a bit more grown up now that we're replacing our first bits of furniture (bought as students or when we first lived together in a tiny flat.) At the minute, we have a bright pink fleece throw that keeps us warm when we're watching TV. My parents bought it for me when I first went off to uni, and it's getting a bit tatty now, so I think I'll relegate it to the bedroom and try and make a replacement for Hubs.

I loved the idea of joining in with Lily's Quilts Dead Simple QAL as it seems very beginner friendly! However, I'm having trouble picking the fabric, it needs to mix well with the brown/teal-y colour scheme in the lounge and be quite boy-friendly (only comment from Hubs was "no pink!")

This is the Design Seeds pallette that I chose:

Then I bought these fabrics:

Kona in Chocolate, Khaki, Olive, Ivory and Teal

You can see the colour of our new sofa in the background. I like these tones, especially the teal blue, and they're very Scouty colours, so very approriate for us. I'm still not convinced though - are they the right tones, should I replace the green, do I need a print in there?? I then saw this gorgeous table runner, and am even more confused, as I think I like this even better!

Will have to think a bit harder about this before I start cutting I think (not that I can start sewing until I get round to buying a new pedal!)

PS - please excuse any faux pas in terms of QAL ettiquette - I've linked to everything so hope that's ok!


  1. I would say...STOP THINKING!! Just start and if its not right...keep mgoing, sometimes you change your mind...sometimes you dont! If you love it...fine. If you dont ...give it to someone xxx good luck xx

  2. Thanks Diane, I think I'll just give it a go and see what happens!


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