Friday, 9 December 2011

Christmas Presents Prep Continued!

I've been busy in the last few weeks starting all the Christmas presents.

So far we've got 7 jars of marmalade, with a sneaky bit of whisky for all our lovely grandmas and the other wonderful older ladies that we know. The chili vodka and mulled vodka are infusing (that's the best word that I can come up with, brewing doesn't seem right!) and the ingredients for shortbread biscuits, stollen and chocolate fudge are sitting in the cupboard waiting for the right moments.

I've been busy with the sewing machine and needle too. I'm making two different types of ornaments, one made out of felt:

either made up off the top of my head or using the tutorial here

The other type is a small cross stitch which I'm going to put in a mini embroidery hoop:

The big problem is my best friend's cushion. The front is finished and I'm really pleased (except for the little bits where the tension went a bit wonky, but I didn't realise until it was all too late!)

However, the back hasn't gone quite so well! I tried to do an envelope back, but I think I misunderstood (or mismeasured, or was just being stupid!) when I cut out the material. The actual sewing of it went really well, and I learnt so much from doing it, but the back seems really gape-y now:

Any suggestions for how to fix it? I was thinking that I could make some tags like those on duffel coats and attach these to the right side, then add some little pearl buttons on the left to hold it closed - would that work?

T-15 days - can't wait!


  1. How about Velcro, those little spotty ones of it? Though would prob need sewing on by hand... Or even 2/3 oblong pieces would help to hold the envelope closed.

    PS came over here from MSE sewing

  2. Thanks Maggie, I'm going to give Velcro a go, I've got some thin pieces. Fingers crossed it'll work!

  3. Forgot to say how much I like your cushion - your friend is a very lucky person! Good luck with the velcro, my fingers crossed too! ;-) Best wishes from chilly Liverpool.

  4. Thanks for the suggestions - I added two strips of Velcro which made it look miles better!


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