Thursday, 10 November 2011

Less stressful = more successful!

After I calmed down, my attempts at creating a mug rug worked slightly better!

I can't figure out how to rotate the picture, but at least it looks better than it did (and it looks better than the back)! I think the thread was too thick, as it kept catching at the back and looks thicker than my other thread. I hand sewed the bias tape on in the end, which was much easier.

I've also started on another cushion after the success of the last present. I hand stitched the hexies, then used the machine to add borders. Had a slight problem with the order - must remember to put the shorter pieces on first, or it's much harder to add on the longer edges! You may be able to see the pins still holding on one of the edges.

I also needed to finish off the next baby cushion, as my nephew Harry has now arrived!

I'm going to stitch the letters on using the blue thread, then I was thinking about stitching an outline in yellow around the whole name? I decided to add a label too this time, as it's not such a rush job. Can't wait to go see him with this!

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