Tuesday, 12 August 2014

FQR 2014 Recap

Better late than never....

FQR this year fell on the weekend before I went back to work after maternity leave (albeit for three days before the holidays started), so I was a bit unsure about leaving the boy for the day. However, FQR was so relaxing and energising that I really shouldn't have worried.

I'm so late with this, I'm sure that you've heard all the details before, but suffice to say, the atmosphere was great, the event really well organised and the freebies very well received!

My first class of the day was the Wiksten Tank class with the ever patient Rachel. We worked through break and lunch to get the top as close to finished as possible, and I managed to get the French seams completed. Considering that we spent a long time fitting the pattern (which worked out as a mix of XS, S and M on me!), and that I cut my cheap fabric on the wrong fold, I think that's really quite admirable. Rachel deserves a big thank you for the number of times that she answered the same stupid question, and my classmates were wonderful too. Di was particularly good at keeping me on track!

My second class was Large HSTs with the incredibly inspirational Thomas Knauer. We spent the first section of the class listening intently to his theory and philosophy of quilting, and had a mini trunk show of some quilts in his current series.

The blocks came together really quickly, and the layout possibilities are endless. I got really quite giddy as I was rearranging my blocks - I certainly think that I provided more entertainment for Kelly, Sarah, Jo and the rest! I love the offsets within the blocks which emerge. I've nearly finished the quilt top, which is ridiculously quick for me. It's going to end up as a wedding present so I'm hoping that it'll progress quickly from now on too.

The social side of the day ran really smoothly this time, and I really enjoyed spending time with far too many lovely people to mention. I was gutted to have to duck out before the end of the festivities, but I knew that I would be up early with the boy!

We move house this weekend, but I'm very much hoping that I can show you a finished quilt and top in the very near future, because FQR really did leave me feeling excited about sewing again.


  1. You've done well in one day. I still haven't finished my pj pants from last year!

  2. How busy are you, back to work and moving house? That quilt top's going to make a great finish - Chris :D


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