Friday, 11 July 2014

The Honest List - FAL Q3 version

My posts are like buses at the minute, none for ages....

Here's my updated list, unsurprisingly it's very very similar to last quarter. I imagine that these will get carried over, but if they're not on the list, they don't count! (cf the knit skirts - written on the paper list, not blogged because I thought there was no chance of getting one done.... Reader, I made three.)

1. St Louis 16 patch - I finished this top during Q1, and have the fabric picked out for the backing and binding 
One of many jobs that will need to be completed after we move due to lack of space - if we're not in by the end of September I will be seriously unhappy!

2., 3., 4. And 5. Giant Star Quilt - 4 of these are needed at some point, and I've had the fabric for ages, so hopefully there'll be some progress during Q2
Feature fabrics have been cut, more Kona Bone is on its way. This is the sneak peek sent to the parents.

6. Quilt for the little man - every else is getting one! I've got lots of novelty prints and I'm planning to use the Picture Box pattern from SewFairyFace
No progress so far.

7. Apron for Dad - needed for his Father's Day present, he wants a butcher's style apron, I'm going to use a Martha Stewart pattern
The fabric I'd bookmarked is our of stock, now on the hunt for navy butchers stripe cotton.

8. Hub's tshirt quilt - I found this buried in the WIP pile,  half pieced - I'm quite tempted to unsew some of it
No progress so far

9. My sampler Cuzco quilt - I made 3 blocks last year and would love to finish 
Not on this one was either, but I did stroke the fabric the other night!

10. Liberty DWR EPP quilt - made from fabric inherited from Hub's grandma, I've got the EPP papers ready. I think this might be my new car project when the crochet is finished 
Very little done on this

11. Scout camp blanket - a never ending project in reality, but it'd be nice to get it up to date with the pile of badges from the last few years sewn on
Halfway there!

12. Nephew's cushion - this is so nearly done, just needs the last finishing touches.

13. Wedding present for a couple who have requested a handmade present - I've (literally!) dusted off the embroidery from my FQR class last year. They get married on July 26th so may be getting an IOU...

14. and 15. More minky blankets for school friends and childhood neighbours who are pregnant. This baby boom is getting silly!


  1. And I thought that my list was silly long! Good luck :0)

  2. Lucky babies! I should find my girl guide badges, they're in a box somewhere...

  3. Looks like you're going to be a bit busy this quarter! :-) Sound like lovely projects to work on. Looking forward to seeing the reveal!


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