Monday, 2 June 2014

Baby baby!

Two quick finishes, both from my FAL list:

Baby blanket number 1:

(please ignore the toes!)

My first crochet finish, worked on at FQR last year, and ripped out four weeks ago when I realised that I had forgotten to chain on at the end of each row - rooky mistake!

Baby blanket number 2:

This is made of three cuts from Sherbet Pips, backed with minky and with applique in Flurry from my winnings from Lily's Quilts. This had to be done twice, as I stupidly stuck the seam ripper through the first time.

One has been hand delivered, one by post - which is probably a good thing, as I don't think my broodiness could take two tiny babies in one week! (and that's from a woman who's vowed to have no more.....)


  1. Two cute blankets - love to see you crocheting and great fabrics in the second. Some vows are meant to be broken too! ;D - Chris

  2. Lovely finishes - broody already - ha ha ha!!

  3. great finished! I vowed not to have a second one as well... Hmm that lasted.. not long.

  4. Lovely makes! I'm not going to comment on the broody thing ;-)

  5. yay - so lovely to see the crochet blanket finished!!! And lol to the broody-ness!!!

  6. Lovely gifts. You can't ignore the brood!


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