Thursday, 22 May 2014

Progress update on the crazy list of madness....

Even though I wrote down everything I could possibly think of that I might want to sew this quarter ( , I have managed to work on a number of things that I didn't think to include... More on these later. For now, here's an update on what I've done that does count.

1. Economy block panel done for the cushion , just needs sashing, quilting, embroidering and turning into a cushion (just!)

2. I had start the Crochet blanket again after making a pretty fatal error, but we're nearly done, which is lucky as the recipient should be born by Friday at the latest!

5. The minky baby blanket was almost totally rethought when I ordered the wrong colour of minky, but plan B went into action and it's all done bar the applique initial.

10. I've cut one rings worth of fabric for the EPP quilt, I think this is a long term thing.....

11. The pile of badges still left to add to the blanket might look huge, but believe me, it's much smaller than it was!

I don't know how much progress I'll be able to make on the quilt front, but it's for a good reason - I'll have much more space to baste them when we move and I get the spare room to play in, so I'm saving that job! 

PS - can anyone recommend a better Android App than Blogger? It's driving me crazy with its refusal to organise pictures properly!

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  1. I love your economy blocks! Sounds like you have some busy months ahead and yay for moving and getting your own sewing room!!


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