Sunday, 7 July 2013

T - 12 days!

All of a sudden,  it's July and FQR os very nearly here. I'm totally unprepared (I can't even remember what classes I've signed up for,  never mind getting materials ready!) However,  I have a few free evenings this week which I've put aside for prep, starting with this post.

If you've not been here before,  hello! My name's Sarah but I will respond to Sarah Lou or Little Sarah (because a. it's my full name and b. I'm 5 foot nothing.)

I'll be wearing this rather snazzy name tag from molsig and losing my balance because of this bump. I'm blaming baby brain for a lot of my forgetfulness and general uselessness,   but the truth is I'm really quite scatty anyway!

You'll also probably see me working on a bit of crochet - I went to a great class at Love 13 and I am hooked (not a deliberate pun, honest!)

Please come say hi if you see me,  I am wavering between v excited and v nervous!

PS - hope the photos come out ok, am trialling the Blogger App as the computer's been on the blink.


  1. Oh happy bump days! Yes, it is true, start having babies and the brains dribble out.. I have almost no brains left, after three!

    looking forward to seeing you there!

  2. What a lovely bump! Looking forward to seeing you there!

  3. I hope to get to meet you in person!

  4. Oh check out your neat little bump!! See you there xx

  5. Didn't know that you were expecting! Congrats!

  6. Looking forward to meeting you.

  7. Cute bump! Looking forward to meeting you there.

  8. see you and the bump there soon x


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