Monday, 15 July 2013

FQR prep

1) trying to tie off all the loose threads on my Siblings Together quilt in 30+ degree heat, and wondering if I need to label it (should I?)

2) wondering where on earth I saved the class schedule / equipment list / that wadding that I bought.

3) trying to finish all my marking so that I don't have to do it next Sunday.

4) contemplating how many pregnancy and heat friendly clothes that I own - enough to get through this week and look presentable this weekend?

5) getting v excited / nervous / excited in an almost unstoppable,  viscous circle!


  1. I;m still trying to get all my stuff together as well, I'm bound to forget something! Can't wait to meet you :) x

  2. Have fun! Go to your husband's cupboard and take his tshirts!

  3. Last year I think someone created a label for the Siblings Together Quilts would be worth checking it out for your quilt.

    I am sure you will have a great time at FQR

  4. looking forward to meeting you in person, lovely lady x

  5. Have the best time at FQR, wish I could be there with you all you're going to have so much fun :) x

  6. It was great meeting you - you are so adorable- can't wait to see pics of the baby and thank you again for my fantastic name tag :)


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