Friday, 15 March 2013


... of the last two three weeks, as I really am being a slow blogger!

Some gardening - loving the colours, might have to save this for inspiration:

Purchases and baking:

Big girl knickers time for my first efforts at FMQ.....

And the beginning of Hubs' birthday present:

And if you can't tell, I've succumbed to Instagram - @sarahlousews, although I'm not being very successful at getting the photos off my phone! (Who says my generation is supposed to be computer literate?!)

Linking up with the Slow Bloggers....
Knotted Cotton
and getting out the tissues ready for Red Nose Day - it's nearly as old as me!


  1. Love your mosaics. It's so nice to see bits of spring happening! Intrigued by your husband's pressie, and looking forward to seeing what it turns into:-)

  2. Lucky you, having the weather for gardening, if it is not snowing it is raining here!

    Well done on the FMQ'ing too!

  3. love the gardening mosaic. We have no flowers out yet in sunny Suffolk!

  4. Your FMQ looks great! Is that going to be a t-shirt quilt?

  5. well done with the FMQ. My big girl pants are still in the wash!


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