Sunday, 24 February 2013

Sum total...

... of two weeks' quilting,  including half term:

One more quarter of the paper pieced star, and a randomly pieced set of Marmalade mini charms (which are now packed away in my effort to be tidy - don't know where though, so no photo!).

Pathetic or what!?

So what have I been spending all my free time on?

a) Playing with my new phone :D

b) Organising my fabric to get it, to fit back into the lounge after the decorating (please excuse the horrendous photo!)

c) Working on a major long term WIP-  our Scout blanket.  Its much easier sewing the badges on by machine,  but the neckers took a lot of unpicking-  which I rarely bother with, so that tells you how bad it was! 

d) Another huge WIP-  will tell you a bit more about this soon.

And now I've finally replaced my white thread (who runs out of that for two weeks?!), just in time to go back to school!

Happy Sewing!


  1. Well at least you kept yourself busy ;-)

  2. yeah but that star is going to look fab!

  3. Have been wondering what to do with all the Scout badges gathering dust in my sewing box!

  4. Loving that paper pieced star block and I know what you mean about the phone - I upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy Note II last year and now I'm permanently attached to it, it's the best thing ever!!! :)


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