Sunday, 10 February 2013

Back to Normal!

We have our house back! The decorators were so lovely and efficient, but it feels great to have our house back, especially as it's coincided with the first weekend this year that Hubs and I are both at home. The photo above is the new colour scheme in the lounge - apparently I have an eye for colour, according to the decorator :D

So how else to celebrate but start to sew? I did these during Wales v France and Italy v Scotland yesterday - a very enjoyable way to watch the rugby! The fabrics above are from the Cuzco bundle that I bought from Eclectic Maker at the beginning of January, and I couldn't resist showing how beautifully they're folded.

These two blocks are the mosaic block and the Greek cross block from the Summer Sampler Series at Freshly Pieced. Yes, I'm starting a QAL nearly two years late! (And yes, the mosaic block is not entirely finished, ran out of white thread of all things!)

Very proud of the neat points in this block! Must remember to press the seams open next time I use HSTs, it seemed to work very well here, as did not pinning, though that might just have been a fluke.

All three blocks completed so far, only nine to go! The next few are paper pieced so have been stalled (as has my Lonestar Simply Solids blocks) by the fact that we haven't reconnected the printer yet - one step at a time!


  1. You are a better woman than me to be able to sew and watch rugby! Supporting Scotland is always too tense (even yesterday!)

    Love your blocks.


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