Saturday, 15 September 2012

To embroider or not to embroider?

I've been doing lots of hand stitching recently, working on some EPP projects for a couple of friends. So far, they look like this:

 A Rose Star Block and

 a hexagon 'flower', both in random pinks and other girly colours.

These are going to be appliqued to some cream cotton to turn them into cushions for their respective little girls' Christmas presents.

I've also made a pair of cushions for my brother in law and future sister in law's wedding in a few weeks, using the Double Wedding Ring print from Quilt Blocks - appropriate I think!

The front
 Side view - one has a pink back, the other has a blue back - geeky coordination or what?!

Now, the dilemma is, should I add some hand quilting or embroidery to them? I'm tempted to add their names and the date, or maybe some quilting inside the rings? Or is that just too OTT? Hmmmmm...............


  1. I vote for a bit of embroidery but then I can never resist embellishing fabric with some stitchery!

  2. I think their names and the date would be a nice touch =D

  3. Your patchwork is so neat. I love the hexagons such pretty colours. I think I might embroider something on but then I'm a fidgity fingers!

  4. I love your rose star block! so cute :) your hexies are really sweet too!
    Jessie, xo

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