Wednesday, 5 September 2012

My Polka Dot Picnic Blanket Skirt

I showed you this photo recently:

This is me, out for a walk on our holiday in Cornwall wearing my new skirt (and a pair of trainers which did not look good, but it was slippy!) I thought that I should show you a better view of the skirt!

I feel like I should shout "I made this!" when I wear it :D 

I used all the knowledge gained at my recent class and Tilly's excellent tutorial to make myself another skirt. I found the instructions really easy to follow, the only mistakes that I made were entirely my own (note to self - do NOT cut the gathering threads part way round, this won't work and is not what the instructions were suggesting!) I used 100% cotton which is quite crisp but this works well here. I do need to add a hook and eye to the waistband as I didn't quite line up the buttonhole properly. This was my first time using interfacing on clothing, making gathers and adding buttonholes, so there were lots of new skills gained.

As an aside, I couldn't have done this without Hubs, he spent ages looking up Youtube videos and online guides for how to use my buttonhole foot as we let the manual at home when we went to Cornwall (and Lucy, this was also the night that he practiced his threading skills!) So thank you Hubs. He also said that it makes my waist look "tiny" and bought me icecream (Kelly's Blackcurrants and Cream = best ever) so he's very much in my good books!


  1. Your skirt is lovely, well done for attempting all those new skills. Your hubby sounds like a real sweetie too, compliments and ice cream what more can a girl ask for?

  2. A great looking skirt so cute! I have some random hook and eyes as well as elastic if you'd like it? =D

  3. Cool skirt - even with the trainer combo ;-)

  4. Sweet little skirt! Sounds like the hubby's a keeper ;)

  5. Oh it's lovely! And your waist does look tiny. I really love your choice of fabric. Good to know the project looks good in a crisp cotton, and the bright colour and polka dots look great.

  6. Hahaha!! That is a very beautiful skirt! Love the fabric and the buttons :)


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