Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter weekend so far

Well, the morning after that grumpy post, I woke up with my hayfever going mental and setting off my asthma - obviously karma decided that if I was going to.complain, I should have something to complain about!

It's been a busy weekend so far. We spent a lovely afternoon with a good friend and her adorable kids- I still know all the words to the Lion King! I thought my arms ached from carrying Archie all the way round the park but the next day I realised that that was nothing after helping my BIL move from one flat to another. Ouch! Today has been a day of marking and we're out for dinner with friends tonight and tomorrow.

Sewing has been more successful too - I managed to get four blocks for Siblings Together that I'm happy with,
2012-04-08 18.31.32.jpg
Blocks for group project 1

finished a "Big Sister" present for my friend's daughter

2012-04-07 21.17.35.jpg

and I'm partway through making myself a Kindle cover based on Clover and Violet's tutorial.

2012-04-07 21.17.02.jpg

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