Sunday, 1 April 2012

April Already!

I'm up nice and early this morning, looking at the sailing boats bopping around in the sea off the coast of Cornwall - who can sleep with a view like this?!?

Apparently, the answer is my husband! (sorry for the rubbish pic, my phone can't cope with this much sunshine!)

I decided to get in early on the fresh sewing day at Lily's Quilts so that I can go enjoy the sunshine.

Here's the last month's work:

A little present for my nephew to encourage him to eat his greens

Presents for my mum and a uni friend's newborn

And Hubby's nearly finished Birthday quilt

I've also started to make some blocks for Siblings Together, which is a brilliant charity. Follow the link for more info:

Quilts for Siblings Together

Here's my first attempt at a block.

And finally, some selfish sewing for me!

Happy April!

Sarah x

Lily's Quilts

Ooooh, I forgot to tell you about one of my birthday presents! I got this:

by Elizabeth Hartman of Oh, Fransson and it is sooooo useful - I wish I'd had it earlier.


  1. I really like the colors you work with. I found you through the Small Blog link @ Lily's Quilts. I look forward to seeing the progress you continue to make on your projects.

  2. Hiya
    Saw you over on Lily's blog! Thought I'd drop in and say hello!
    New follower so I look forward to seeing your new makes and blog posts!
    Love the things you've made so far =D

  3. What a beautiful view!

    Love the 'peas' gift for your nephew - very cute!

    I've been eyeing off that quilting book but haven't done much more than that yet!

  4. Dropping in from Lily's SBM, love your peas embroidery hope it does the trick! I bought Elizabeth Hartman's book a month ago, and think it is excellent.

  5. Hi! I found you over at Lily's. I love the things you've made. The purple fabrics are my favorites. :)

  6. Stopping by via Lily's Quilts. I just read through the Elizabeth Hartman book as well and am excited to try out some of her projects. I love your eyeglass holder - I have someone special in my life who needs one of those! And that little A embroidery is darling.

  7. Thanks Beth! I should have said that the pattern for the mini basket is here~

  8. Hiya, found my way here from Lynne's small blog meet, loving your blog, I love the organised in this pic, may have to bookmark that tutorial!


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