Thursday, 16 February 2012

A pea green dilemma

During a "conversation" with my 14 week old nephew and his mum this weekend, we came onto the subject of peas. Mum hates them and thinks they should be squished but Auntie S thinks they're the best veg ever. As I don't see baby H very often, I wanted to make something to remind him of this fact!

I found some scraps of green felt, and here's my first thoughts ~ give peas a chance!

I based the idea on the beautiful tutorial from bugsandfishes which I used to make these valentines hearts:

The pea design is no where near as good - I need to have a good think about what to do next...


  1. Those heart broderies are *lovely*, and would be even if I *didn't* have a thing for red, and hearts. :-)

    Hazle (found you through Lily's quilts BTW)


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