Thursday, 9 February 2012


I'm having one of those weeks this week! I've got a horrible cold and sewing is not going well!

Mother in laws machine and i are not getting on well, we've had several disagreements this week involving chewed up fabric which means I haven't been able to finish the burp cloths for the other new arrivals. Work has been ridiculous and this cold seems to have turned me into Bitch-Woman!

The silver lining is that i finished the cross stitch (and washed it without incident!), it's half term next week so I'm going to visit family, and Hubby keeps muttering something about "birthday" and "new machine"!!!!

Here's the view from our kitchen window too - taken earlier this week.


  1. oh dear.....just keep going and it WILL get better... bet you feel better for having shared xx

  2. I had the same sewing machine hate a couple of weeks ago, it was painful!! I hope the birthday fairy brings you a new machine :)


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