Wednesday, 22 February 2012


I came home to a lovely pile of new fabrics from Fabric Rehab yesterday, the products of a bad day and the ease in which Paypal allows you to buy things! They were packaged really cutely as per usual.

I got:

a blue emergency scrap bag (robots! planes!)

a lucky dip bag (tortoises!)

a bundle of Modern Whimsy and Sherbet Pips

and finally!

Some Put a Lid on It, Blue Leaves from Half Moon Modern and a charm pack of Domestic Bliss - now all hidden away until I can say "What, this? New? No, I've had it ages!"

One last picture - my in law's Jack Russell who we dog-sat last week - he didn't sit still long enough for a better photo!


  1. if you cannot find a use for your fabrics I am sure I could help out xx

  2. Fab fabrics!! I love fabric rehab they have such great fabrics I could browse for hours ;)


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