Tuesday, 1 October 2013

A Productive September

October already, and this is shaping up to be a busy month for us! Before I get too busy with baby, here's what I did in September - it's amazing what you can do if you only have to do two day's work in a month!

First, these were the very, very delayed items from the FQR swap (which I forgot that I'd joined!) which I sent to the very patient Kelly, Tammy and Heather at the beginning of the month. In these little snap frames was a mirror from Ceri and Nikki's stall at FQR (or was it Liz's? My memory is shot!), along with a shiny 5p for good luck.

A new skill for this month was learning to make a lampshade at a lovely local shop, Love 13. It was great to see the shape emerging,  although I really don't have the patience to be as careful as is required to get a perfect results.  The fabric is Flock by Thomas Knauer - so there are birds flying in the sky! - and the crumbs inside are from the white chocolate and raspberry torte which I was scoffing...

I also made a little covered canvas for the nursery after Hubs brought me home a present which he thought I'd love - a new staple gun (he was right!)

Storage is an issue at the minute,  so I made two Divided Baskets using Noodlehead's excellent pattern. One is quite subdued in tone and is now living next to our sofa, holding the TV remote and various crafty bits, and awaiting nappy changing gear. I made a *slight* mistake whilst cutting out,  so obviously I needed to make another and get it right this time!  As you can probably tell,  this one is designed for use on the baby's changing unit, hence the woodland fabric (again!)

I also made some baskets using this tutorial - two of the biggest and one of the medium sized baskets. These will eventually hang in the nursery for all those bits and bobs that we seem to accumulate, as soon as we can decide on where they should go.

And whilst I was on a roll, I made these doorstops for the bedrooms.


Guess which room this woodland inspired door stop is for????
I also tried to keep up with other commitments whilst I can,  hence the cushion from my last post, which was picked up on Aurifil's FB page (cue geeky dance time...)

Linking up to Lily's Quilts, and realising that I should really post more often rather than saving up all these bits til the end of the month.

Lily's Quilts


  1. What a fab month! My mum always told me to put coins in when you give a purse for luck! All your makes are gorgeous, I've been meaning to make a divided basket must get on it! I love the lampshade and that cushion is beautiful!

  2. Wow, you have certainly not been putting your feet up! Everything looks fab. Love the thought of the crumbs in your lampshade - I think it's worth it for torte.

  3. blimey, sarah you are a making machine. hope the bubs and you are ok and maybe putting your feet up?

  4. Wow you've made so much! Excellent making month. What did you put in your doorstops to weight them down? Keep thinking I should make some for my summer house doors.

  5. You have had a great month, your nursery is looking lovely.

  6. Thank you so much for the little pouch - it has become the perfect home for my headphones :)

  7. Beautiful makes - and it still makes me laugh about the FQR swaps! xxx

  8. You've had an amazing month of makes! Everything is beautiful. I especially like your baskets and door stops :)


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