Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Something New - Decorating with Fabric!

My Big Something New this month has been about using my stash in a different way, to decorate the baby's room. As we're at T - 5 weeks until our due date, it felt like I should start doing something to get ready - proper sewing for baby is having to wait until after I finish work next week though.

A bit of an overview here, with the nicely hung curtains and blind that caused a certain amount of stress over the Bank Holiday weekend.

You may recognise this as the Quilt Which Nearly Flew Out of the Window - I thought it'd be a nice addition to the nursery with the rainbow-y colours. Incidentally, this is also the first time making hanging pockets and the first ever unsupervised use of a saw (to cut the doweling - hopefully I won't get into too much trouble for this!)

 I decided to use a number of the different woodland themed fabrics which I've been stashing in embroidery hoops on the wall above the dresser. I've also been inspired by Beth at Plum and June and have been trying to step out of my comfort zone with my camera too :D

 And, in another first, Mum and I made this cushion with a simple envelope back - the first time that Mum has sewn since she was 13 and in school!

 Finally, a beautiful present from one of Mum's friends - not a new thing for me, but a new thing for Baby - first ever present! How cute are those duckie buttons???

Wow, I actually feel quite prepared after sharing this!

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  1. Great nursery detailing and isn't that little baby cardy so cute? Love hand knitted baby clothes.

    I didn't realise you weren't due yet. For some reason I thought you were over due at retreat.

  2. Family firsts :) That's a brilliant New to Me post Sarah

    The nursery looks lovely you have been busy!

  3. Very lovely!
    I adore the embroidery hoops xxx

  4. Hi Sarah and thanks for popping over to my New to Me. Your nursery looks amazing and I love, love, love the cushion and hoops.

    The little cardi is so sweet too.

  5. well done you. I bought loads fabric when I was pregnant and only managed to make a receiving blanket and one fabric basket so I am impressed

  6. Oh wow the nursery is looking adorable! You must be so pleased with it. And not long now until your little bundle of joy is with us- sew as much as you can before he or she is here! Oh and I love the wall hanging, simply gorgeous xx

  7. The nursery looks fabulous!! Don't forget to get some rest while you can!


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