Friday, 15 January 2016

FAL 2016 Q1

OK, so we've got about 8 months worth of sewing to catch up on, but we've got a deadline here, so we'll do that later.......(*wonders if that is the closest possible translation of the phrase "maƱana" into English*)

2016 FAL

So, here's my FAL Q1 list:

1. Quilt O's quilt - I made this very, very quickly when my Gran passed away last year to keep me occupied. O absolutely loves it and gets v excited every time he sees it, so I probably should finish it.

2. Finish my quilt. We've kept v few of my makes, and I'm 30 in a few months - so I'm making myself a present. DH says he'll pay to have it long armed as a present.  


So far I've made a selection of blocks, all in various tones of blues and low volume prints. Hopefully they'll come together in the end!

A short and sweet collection, new job and major kitchen renovation = not likely that Q1 will be very productive!


  1. Gorgeous projects, looking forward to seeing them finished!!

  2. Love the blocks for your quilt!!

  3. I hope you get more sewing time than you expect! Good luck with your list...and the kitchen renovation and new job!


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